Just after releasing the previous update with new changes; I have noticed that the Disable/Enable trackback/comments buttons on the setting screen causing the AUTO SCHEDULE option to reset itself.

In fact, executing any of the Disable/Enable trackback/comments buttons will disable the AUTO SCHEDULE option, ==you will still be able to enable it by clicking the checkbox==.


I’ve made the _necessary changes_ and re-organize the Settings Screen so this does not happen again. Refer to the new screen above.

##How does the new screen work? 1. If you want to disable or enable trackbacks and comments, select the dropdown list for each of them. 2. Press SAVE SETTINGS, it will enable or disable the corresponding feature such as Trackbacks and Comments. 3. This only reflects the ==published posts==, the reason of doing that is - ==Drafts or unpublished post you may choose to enable comments or trackbacks, it is up to you.==