What's new in release v.1.8.9

There are a lot of stuff that has been re-coded in this release.

Most notable changes are:

  1. Persistent settings for main screen: Allows user to save the checkbox selection on the main screen so next time they do not need to select the items they use frequently. Red marked items could not be saved. Image

  2. Credits page has been re-organized with proper information and links. Now includes GitHub master branch commits.

  3. Now cleans up redundant comment meta data and akismet left over data from comments meta data table.

  4. Time settings according to the blog local time, so schedules and time display will show time properly. This would only work if the blog time has been set up properly

  5. I have enabled mixed type tables optimization. So basically what will it do? It will enable you to run optimization if you have mixed of innoDB and MyISAM tables. But, it will skip the optimization commands on innoDB tables. Some tables may report wrong size, haven’t been able to find a proper workaround to this.

  6. New table type column - this gives you an overlook of what types of tables you have on your database. Image

  7. InnoDB table type Overhead Size are set to 0 bytes because most of the time they report wrong overhead size.

  8. Shows last blog post from GitHub Pages for WP-Optimize at the Status Log

  9. Independent translation portal for Translators to live update translations before actual releases. So their translation at always in sync. Read instructions Image

  10. Updated SQL Queries to include backticks for better compatibilty with reserved names.